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Things That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed When Hiring a Software Development Service

There are a large number of offshore software development companies today, and now that you have finally decided to choose one, you should know a few basic things before you hire one. Although you can secure some amazing benefits just by hiring the services of an offshore development company, choosing the wrong company can harm your business in more ways than you would ever have thought possible.


Here are some things that shouldn’t go unnoticed when hiring a software development service:

Previous Customers Matter

The foremost thing you should consider looking up before hiring a software development service are their previous customers. The software you need developed might affect your sales and marketing, or it might be the product itself. Therefore, choosing an experienced offshore software development company will increase the chances of achieving results that are in line with your organizational goals.

Hands-on Experience across Different Technologies

There are a number of languages that are used to design software today – PHP, Java, C++, etc. The company you choose should have command across all these platforms across, with latest trending ones like iPhone, Android, and Windows application development. Try to steer clear of firms that market themselves with specialization in only a single type of development technology; prefer going for ones that have experience working with different companies on different types of projects.

Offshore Developers

A company that has developers in its home country, for example the United States, will probably cost you a lot compared to companies that have offshore developers in different countries across the world. Developers in countries like India, Russia, or China will probably cost you a lot less due to the low cost of labor in these countries. Therefore, before you finally hire a software development company, make sure it has offshore developers in low cost countries as well.

The Number of Developers

One of the most important benefits of an offshore development firm which has a large number of developers is that the company has the ability to increase or decrease the number of people working on your project as per project requirements at any point. On the other hand, a smaller development service firm will largely be dependent on your company for the completion of your project. Go for a company that has at least 4 to 5 times the number of developers that you need.

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